News channels each day report numerous of car accidents. Car accidents take place because of fault on the part of one driver or both. In this technologically advanced era where science has brought great comforts in our lives, we still find ourselves helpless against our fates. Following are the top five causes of car accidents.


Speeding is known to be the most shared and frequent cause of car accidents which is why you will need a Riverside truck accident attorney. Even the law restricts us to drive fast, but we so often ignore it to reach quickly to our destinations. The car manufacturers are making great automobiles which can break speed limits; it tempts a human being to drive fast. The faster you would turn the less reaction time you have. It is advisable to always follow the traffic rules, and keep a check on your speed according to the speed sign on the road.

Severe Weather

No one has any control over the weather, and it may change within no time. It is always great to plan your trip ahead by watching weather forecasts on the TV, or by checking it on the internet. However, if it is unavoidable to move in inclement weather, you must take precautionary measures to remain safe. Fog, Snow, and rain always demand more care from a driver. It is advisable to drive slow, turn on car headlights, keep a safe distance from the car ahead, and don’t overtake or tailgate the vehicle in front of you. Besides all these precautionary measures, your car should also be in good condition, but you might still want to contact a sacramento dui attorney.

Driving When You Drunk

Medical science has developed a lot in the last decade. It clarifies that a person having blood alcohol level of .01 is not fit for driving. Studies show us the data where the majority of accidents happen at night as the driver is drunk. A drunken person not only puts his life at risk but also causes danger to other motorists on the road which is why you need a business attorney los angeles.

In drunken condition, your judgment becomes weak, and you are more likely to take risks. You don’t have an idea whether you are driving fast or rubbernecking. Your responses become weak and reaction time to any particular event increases. Always keep away from driving when you are in such addictive condition.

Fatigue and Sleepiness

Exhaustion and sleepiness are other leading causes of car accidents which why you will want a dui lawyer sacramento. It is somewhat a stupid idea to drive at night when you are aware of the fact that you are tired and feeling sleepy. There are significant numbers of car accidents taking place every year since driver at the wheel fell asleep. It is suggested to share driving duties with your partner and get regular breaks to avoid sleep. If your trip is long, you should hit a motel for a nap and turn in the morning with full attention.

Driver Distractions

According to specialists, driver disruption is one of the leading causes of road accidents. Things, like talking on cell phone, using a laptop, changing the stereo, talking to other passengers, and slowing down on the highway to have a look at surroundings, etc., are dangerous distractions which could be a reason for a massive disaster. The traffic laws now restrict using a cell phone while driving. Though, as a substitute, you could use hands-free or Bluetooth, but you have got to keep full concentration on the road. give up my baby for adoption
A careful driver could not only save own his life but also so many other lives on the road. Always follow the traffic rules and limit your speed by learning road signs.